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At Bluekey Realty Inc we help our buyers search for their dream property. This includes helping them find a property that is not yet listed on the MLS®

If you have a property that you thinking of selling and matches what our BlueKey Buyers are looking for, feel free to reach out and one of our agents will be in touch! 


Our Current BlueKey Buyers are looking for the following:


Natalie Hewlett (709) 730-5977

  • Bungalow in Paradise or CBS: under $315,000. 3 Beds, 2 baths. Must have a garage or shed. On a decent size lot.
  • Single Family home on a large lot: Anywhere in the Metro Region, except CBS. up to $350K.
  • 2 apartment house in St. John's and surrounding areas: large yard preferred. 3 beds upstairs needed. Up to $300k.
  • 2 storey or split level: East End or Mount Pearl preferred. ensuite and walk-in closet needed. Up to $375k.
  • Smaller home in Paradise: bungalow preferred. attached garage needed. backing on a greenbelt is preferred. Rear yard access. 
  • 2 apartment in Metro Area: Under $285,000, 3 beds.
  • 2 apartment: Located in St. John’s. Under $300,000.
  • 2 apartment in Metro Area: Under $260.
  • Single-family: Any location in metro area, budget $230,000.
  • 3 Bedroom Single-family: Any location in metro area, budget $245,000, 3 beds.


Tiana Jackson (709) 764-4606

  • Single family 2+ bedroom: Open concept design, large master bedroom. Rec room + garage/shed is preferred. West-end, Kilbride, Mount Pearl. Up to $300k.
  • 3 bedroom downtown house with character: Clients don’t mind completing Reno’s/upgrades. Up to $300k. 
  • Cabin within 1.5 hours from St.John’s: Must have a large piece of property with privacy. On the water. $220k. 
  • Commercial lease (open to location): Suitable for 4 offices, common area, reception area, and staff room. 
  • 3 bedroom single family home in Flatrock: Must have privacy and a garage. No upgrades needed. $300k.
  • Centre city or West end flip: Preferably detached. Client does not mind ripping the house out to the studs. Looking for Single-family and two apartments.
  • West-End 2 Apartment home: Preferably newly renovated. Client is not interested in doing work to the house. Up to 350k 
  • Flip up to 180k: Open to location and amount of work needed.


Sarah Burt 709-986-0511

  • 2-apartment house in Kenmount Terrace or Elizabeth Park: Apartment must have 2 bedrooms, and parking. Budget up to $370k.
  • Executive home in East End to Flatrock: 4+ bedrooms. Privacy and mature lot preferred. Up to $800k. 
  • Single family home on the outskirts of the city. (CBS, Torbay, Logy Bay, etc): within driving distance. Ideal property would have an oversized lot, and a little privacy. No subdivisions unless backing on a green belt. Budget of up to $400k. 
  • 2+ bedroom bungalow in the Gould’s, Mount Pearl or Bay Bulls: Minimal stairs. Must not have other homes at the rear of home - privacy is a big plus! Open to fixer uppers. Up to $250-260k


Sarah Morgan (709) 589-6029

  • 3-4 bedrooms 2 + bathrooms with finished basement and garage: Minimum 0.5 acres with privacy. Location Spaniards Bay-Brigus. Budget up to 350k.
  • 2-3 bedroom slab on grade with garage or shed: Max 200k. Open to locations outside of St.John’s 
  • 2 apartment in Carbonear: up to 250k 
  • Piece of land in Shearstown: Up to 50K
  • Looking from CBS-Salmon Cove: 3 bedroom+Office space with large kitchen and garage on an oversized lot.Up to 450k


Cody Walsh (709) 631-1584

  • fixer upper 100k or less: St.Johns and surrounding areas, 2+ bedrooms. 
  • Single-family home with garage 200k: Bay Roberts & surrounding areas, Large lot and large garage. 
  • 2 apartment center city: Price to be determined by condition, clients are open to any potential investment properties. 
  • Bell island 80K or less: single-family home with large lot
  • Single-family home away from major traffic areas: 350k-400k, large private lot with garage preferred. 
  • Wheelchair accessible property: 300-400k. 
  • 2 Apartment in Kenmount Terrace or Southlands: 350k and under. Attached garage & yard is a bonus.


Michele Smith (709) 685-5187

  • Looking for a 2 Apt/In-Law  in St. John’s, Gould’s or Mt. Pearl:  $250k range.
  • Looking for a multi-unit 2-4 apt in St. John’s with good access to MUN:  Purchaser is willing to do work. Price will depend on property and condition.


Martin Byrne (709) 693-6463

  • Georgestown/Centre City: 2+ bedroom, good size yard preferred (ideally with newer finishes) 300k range
  • Mount Pearl or Southlands 3+ Bedroom plus garage- main floor office space ideal too - 400k range
  • Brookfield Plains 2+ Bedroom - modern open concept a must 400k range
  • East End -  property with 3 beds detached - 270k
  • East Extern property with apartment & large lot suitable for pool - 400-500k range 
  • Paradise/Southlands 2 apartment home, modern and in good condition - can be fully rented - 350/400k
  • Paradise 2 apartment home 300-350k
  • Downtown 2 apartment home or single family house in good condition (parking ideally preferred) 200k range
  • CBS/Port Cove Single family home on private lot with garage 270k 
  • Paradise/Topsail large executive home on large lot - privacy preferred up to $1 million


Elizabeth Eastman (709)631-1861

  • Modern Move In Ready Home with Garage in Torbay up to $550k. The ideal property would be a two story home that has a large back yard that is fenced in, the lot would have some privacy (space between neighbours), garage and with a modern aesthetic. 
  • Executive Home with Garage located Downtown St. John's, Quidi Vidi Village. Price range $500k to $750k. The ideal property would be within a 10 to 15 minute walking distance to restaurants & bars, with a modern design in a 3+ bedroom, 2+ bathroom, detached/semi detached or attached single family home. Property must have a garage (Detached or Attached) OR space to build a garage.
  • 15 year old (or less) property OR an older home that has had extensive renovations in Pearl View Terrace Mount Pearl, Elizabeth Park Paradise or Kenmount Terrace St. John's. Price range $280k to $310k. Client seeking a single-family home with developed/partially developed basement, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, parking for 2 cars. The ideal property would have a fenced in backyard, 2 story home with bedrooms on the second story, however the client will consider any property that doesn't require any immediate work outside of small cosmetic changes (ie. Paint)
  • Single family, detached property with off street parking in the Churchill Square area or downtown St. John's. Price range $300k to $450k. Client doesn't mind doing some renovations but ideally would like to mainly do cosmetic renovations. Bungalow style house with a basement is a bonus. 2+ bedrooms, 2+ Bathrooms.
  • Seeking modest single family property in Paradise or CBS (Topsail or Chamberlains). Price range up to $210k. Client doesn't mind renovations. Ideal property would have a developed or partially developed basement. 


Wes Ryan (709) 697-1772

  • Fixer upper Downtown: $50K to $250K. Anywhere downtown.  The more work the better. Will also consider teardowns
  • Fixer upper Georgestown: $50K to $250K. Anywhere in Georgestown area. The more work needed the better. Will consider teardowns
  • Renovated house Downtown/Georgestown: $250K to $500K. Anywhere downtown/Georgetown.  Executive finishes are a plus.  Something that is move in ready and has recently been completely redone
  • Character home on Gower St/Bond St and surrounding area: $250K to $375K. A 2 or 3 storey that maintains some of its downtown character. Some TLC required is fine. Prefer to avoid major structural work. Would consider house with other deficiencies. 
  • 2-apartment home in St. Phillips/Portugal Cove: $250K to $350K. Fully rented or vacant is fine. Preferably a bungalow.  Will consider various cosmetic work but would prefer it to be move-in ready and the higher the quality of finishes the better!
  • Churchill Square:  $250K to $1MilWill consider any house, any condition anywhere in the Golden Triangle.  Will also consider a teardown.  Open to any options and will pay the necessary price. 


Brad Stone (709) 685-8117

  • St. John's, Mount Pearl, Paradise Single family home: 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. 1950+ square feet. Looking for larger rooms rather than more rooms. Backyard. Privacy. 250k-370k
  • St. John's. Executive home: 4+ bedrooms. Older heritage style home. Ample backyard for some well loved dogs. View of the harbour would be ideal. 500k-2,000k
  • St. John's downtown and East:  2 plus bedrooms. 2 full bathrooms.  Yard and parking ideal.  Character a plus 250k-500k
  • Within an hour of St. John's:  Property on the water and/or with enough land for a small hobby farm.  Modern finishes in home with 3+ bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms.  300k-520k
  • New modern bungalow in Portugal Cove, Galway, Paradise, or Mount Pearl:  Yard.  Garage a plus.  300k-400k
  • Downtown executive condo lease:  1500 sq ft.  Looking for a long term lease.  Tenants have a small well behaved dog.


Andrew Osmond (709) 685-8076

  • Large home in Paradise subdivision: with attached garage and LARGE detached garage as well.  Bedrooms must be large.  Up to $420k.
  • Home in Mount Pearl or West End St. John's: detached OR Semi detached.  Up to $300k.  Must be clean and not need major work.
  • A private treed lot in CBS: suitable to build and still have privacy.  Under $70k.
  • I am in need of any sort of fixer upper property:  Flips are in very high demand.
  • A nice 2-apt home, electric heat only, Anywhere is St. John's, Mount Pearl or Kilbride:  Under $300k.  Any location will be considered but would prefer closer to Downtown.
  • Home in CBS for under $200k:  Cannot need major work.
  • A modern one level home to lease for 1-year:  Paradise, Mount Pearl, CBS.  Budget $1300/mo
  • A modern 2-apartment home: under 10 years old, Southlands, or Elizabeth Park(Paradise Under $400k.
  • Ranch style bungalow with everything on one level in CBS: with Ocean View(bedrooms, living area, bathrooms, laundry, etc).  Around $300k.
  • oceanfront property, anywhere along Conception Bay:  I have multiple clients looking for this.
  • Nice bungalow or Semi Detached Home in Mount Pearl, West End, or CBS: must not need major upgrades.  Under 255k.  Must have a shed.
  • A nice bungalow with lots of land, suitable to have a couple of horses and a couple of barns:  Preferably in the Bay Roberts Area or Conception Bay South.  Anywhere within 45-50 mins to St. John's.  Less than $250k.
  • 4 bedroom home in Torbay: with Ocean View and a garage, under 400k.
  • Small home in St. John's, Mount Pearl, Torbay, must have a backyard for pets:  Can be somewhat of a fixer upper, just not major renovations.  Under $210k.
  • 4 bedroom east end home:  Under $375k.
  • A convenience Store and/or Gas Station:  Any location on the island of Newfoundland.


Kyran Dwyer (709) 746-4231

  • Looking to rent a 4 bedroom house for March/April: for a professional family close to Gonzaga/St. Patricks Mercy Home. Ideally looking for a single family home. Budget is $1300 to $2200 per month. Off-street parking is needed.


Michele Smith (709) 685-5187

  • Looking for a 2 Apt/In-Law:  in St. John’s, Gould’s or Mt. Pearl  $250,000-300,000 range
  • Looking for a multi unit: 2-4 apt in St. John’s with good access to MUN. Purchaser is willing to do work. Price will depend on property and condition

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