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At Bluekey Realty Inc we help our buyers search for their dream property. This includes helping tem find a property that in not yet listed on the MLS®

...if you have a property that you thinking of selling and matches what our BlueKey Buyers are loking for then reach out and one of our agents will be in touch!

Current BlueKey Buyers looking for:

Howie - 682-9997

  • EAST END 300K: detached single family property or equivalent mature neighborhood. Budget around 300k. lot/location centric. Likes privacy. Reasonably modern finishes. 3bed 2 bath fully developed.
  • EAST END 500K, single family bungalow w/attached garage or 50 plus Stavanger Dr area up to 500k. Min 1300sqft on the main. Open concept a must.
  • CHURCHILL SQ AREA 300K Light to medium Reno project. Bungalow ideal.
  • CONDO CHURCHILL SQUARE 275k 2 bed 2 bath Churchill sq for mature couple. Prefered ground level.
  • 2 APARTMENT HSC/MUN up to 300k mature lot, Health Science centre area is ideal.


Andrew 685-8076

  • CBS UNDER 215K  Must have garage, or space to build one.  House be cosmetically dated but not have major issues.  
  • EAST EXTERN STARTER HOME Portugal Cove, Logy Bay, Torbay under $200k. 
  • BAY BULLS 200K  Must be move in, can't need work. 
  • LOGY BAY/MIDDLE COVE looking under $500k for something spectacular.  Must have a kitchen to blow your socks off! Needs to have trees around it for ultimate privacy. 
  • MOUNT PEARL OR CBS Small detached house under $200k.  MUST HAVE SOUTHERN EXPOSURE. 
  • PARADISE 400k with drive in access and a detached garage.  An attached garage as well, but not necessary.  Must be fully developed, backyard access must be paved. .  
  • WEST END home requiring no work, fully developed, not dated, open concept with a nice backyard.  Under $350k.  
  • OCEAN OR POND Looking for land.  Within 20 minutes of MUN, on or near water. Needs one or more acres for an estate. Municipal services do not matter, just needs to be on (preferably) or close to the OCEAN. 


Julie 728-0720

  • EAST EXTERN  up to $275 with a garage, preferably land (so more then a 50x100 lot) 
  • BUNAGLOW St. John's, MP, Paradise up to $425 with garage (must be end unit if row housing or 50+ condo areas)
  • SMALL BUNGALOW within 30mins from the Health Science Centre (up to $300ish) 
  • CONDO MUN area with parking, preferably under $200k 
  • 2 APARTMENT in MUN area or St. Philips/PC/Torbay, needs extra parking, Max $250ish 
  • HEARTS DESIRE - OLD PERLICAN, preferably on or close to the ocean (up to $200) 


Mark 693-6463

  • BUNGALOW CBS 200k-250k Good structure. New roof and siding if possible. Inside open concept but clients are willing to reno the inside. Preferred landscaping completed. 
  • 2 APARTMENT METRO 270k-320k Detached garage would be a bonus. 
  • PARADISE/TOPSAIL 350k-430k. Clients would like to be in Nice mature grounds around home with privacy. Finished basement would be great.


Michele 685-5187

  • ANYWHERE WEST METRO: Budget $250,000, Prefer green belt, or near wooded area, home with modern updates, prefer detached, may consider semi attached. 


Elizabeth 631-1861

  • STARTER HOME: Up to $196,000, Location: St. John’s, Mount Pearl, Paradise, Semi-attached/Duplex with Parking for 2 
  • DOWNTOWN WITH CHARM 3 beds, off street parking preferred.


Wes 697-1772

  • FIXER UPPER Large Renovation/ Flip in the City: Looking for a home which needs extensive work. Cosmetic and/or structural work is fine.  The preferred location is Craigmillar or Topsail Rd (Old Topsail) but open to all areas including downtown and Georgetown . $150k and under  
  • LAND:  Looking for a building lot in ST.Johns, under $100k. Municipal services in place 
  • CHURCHILL SQUARE: Under $800k .   Will consider any house in Churchill Square and will consider any house even if it requires significant work.  Completely renovated is fine too.  Locaiton and lot are the most important aspects.


Martin 693-6463

  • MODERN HOME EAST good size shed/garage preferred - 400k range must be open concept. 
  • DOWNTOWN DETACHED... 250-300k range 
  • TOPSAIL 2 APT - With space for detached garage 450k range
  • BUNGALOW WITH PRIVACY  up to 350k - garage ideal too


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